COVID-19 Update: May - June 2021

With the current COVID situation in Victoria, we are back to a “lockdown” situation regarding seeing patients and operating on them.

Under Government guidelines only emergency and very urgent surgery can now be done, and that does not include penile implants and Peyronie’s Disease surgery unfortunately.

Some new patients, depending on the nature of the condition, will be seen in an office face-to-face consultation. In that situation we are taking all the recommended precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

For many other consultations, both for new patients where the condition is appropriate, and for many follow-up consultations, these will be by Telehealth video or telephone.

You are allowed to leave your home for medical care, and it is safe to do so with appropriate precautions, but, for the period of this current “lockdown” we I am recommending that we revert to more Telehealth consultations.

I would also encourage all of you, if appropriate for your situations and health status, to be vaccinated. I have done so myself, with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and it is the only way we, as a community, will return to some sort of normal situation long-term.

Holmesglen Private Hospital has no COVID patients and has very strict procedures and protocols to ensure it stays that way.