Dr. Love hosts major Australian and New Zealand Surgical Masterclass

Inaugural International Medical meeting, and International Award to local surgeon to be held in Bayside Melbourne

On Saturday April 6th, 2019, Dr. Christopher Love and Holmesglen Private Hospital played host to visiting surgeons from all over Australia and New Zealand, as well as two major US and UK surgeons, in presenting the 1st Australasian Men’s Health Masterclass for penile implant surgeons.

Live surgery was performed by local and international surgeons, as an interactive education experience for these surgeons from Australia and New Zealand, who have experience in treating men with erectile dysfunction using surgically implanted penile prostheses.

Difficult cases and techniques to avoid problems and deal with nexus letter for va claim difficulties were discussed via case presentations and videos, with a panel of local and international trusted & qualified doctors and experts available discussing and mentoring the attendees.

Professor Steven Wilson from USA, the world’s most experienced and well regarded surgeon in this specialty moderated the day, and Professor David Ralph from University College Hospital in London UK, the most experienced European expert in this field, was one of the operating surgeons.

It was a coup having these two international guests available to lead this important education event for Australasian surgeons.

In addition, Professor Wilson awarded to Dr Christopher Love, Australia’s most experienced penile implant surgeon, one of only 7 worldwide certifications as “Centres of Excellence for Penile Implants.

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