Educational Videos

Dr Christopher Love discusses common urological conditions and treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction

Dr Love specialises in treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Here he discusses this common condition and the treatment options available.

Penile Implant Surgery

Dr Love is Australia’s most experienced Penile Implant surgeon. Here he discusses Penile Implant Surgery as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. 

Penile Implant Surgery: Patient Stories

Past patients of Dr Love discuss their experiences with Penile Implant Surgery

Edward's Story

Edward is a 65 year old man who had a radical prostatectomy with a robotic approach. Edward has little erectile function and after a lot of research has opted for a Penile Implant. Edward had implant in 2017.

Lael and John's Stories

Lael is a 72 year old man who underwent a radical prostatectomy in 2006. He had erectile dysfunction for many years prior to that and in 2007 underwent a Penile Implant.

John is a 63 year old man who had a radical prostatectomy for aggressive prostate cancer. John also underwent radiotherapy. Despite doing penile rehabilitation he has minimal return of erectile function and has opted for a Penile Implant. John had implant in 2018.

Joy's Story

Joy is the wife of Lael and has been extremely supportive of her husband through the process of both the radical prostate surgery and the Penile Implant surgery. Joy is very pleased with the outcome of the Penile Implant.

Peyronie's Disease

One of Dr Love’s specialties is the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease and Penile Curvature. Here he discusses this condition and treatment options. 

Enlarged Prostate | Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

One of Dr Love’s specialties is the treatment of Enlarged Prostates (BPH). Here he discusses this condition and treatment options. 

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