Meet Dr Love's Team

Dr Christopher Love

Urological and Prosthetic Surgeon

I am a Urological and Prosthetic Surgeon with over 35 years’ experience. I am passionate about helping treat men with issues such as Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease so they can go on to live full and satisfying lives.

Ensuring my patients are comfortable, informed and cared for from the first consultation through to post-op and beyond is my focus. I am committed to de-mystifying conditions which are perceived as “embarrassing” and making sure that men can get the help that they need.


Practice Manager/PA

I have been working in the medical industry for 20 years now. Working with Dr. Chris Love has been a wonderful experience. We see many patients with desperate needs and it is very rewarding to see them leave so happy and satisfied. Their lives are completely turned around. It is lovely to hear the feedback and how appreciative they are.


Prosthesis Support Nurse

Gill is a registered nurse with many years experience in Preoperative nursing.

Her current role is with Coloplast Australia Interventional Urology as a prosthesis support nurse, working out of Dr Love’s office, and looking after patients who have erectile dysfunction. Her main roles are in in educating patients, and with pre and post operative care after penile implant surgery.

She has been in this role for 4 years now, and has worked closely with Dr Love in his practice looking after his patients, educating and helping them with erectile dysfunction so they attain the best possible outcomes.

She gets a great deal of satisfaction working with these patients, building relationships so that they become familiar with her and become comfortable enough to discuss their issues.

Gill finds it very rewarding when a patient post surgery says “it is the best thing that they have done and that they should have had the surgery 5 years earlier” and the emotion the patient feels when they realise that they can get good erections again.


Practice Nurse

Sue is a very experienced registered nurse who has worked in the Emergency Department and Peri-operative nursing areas, as well as doing both rural and remote nursing with Indigenous communities in Northern Australia. She currently works in the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (Recovery room) at Holmesglen Private Hospital and provides part-time practice nurse support in Dr. Love’s office. Sue enjoys her role of supporting Dr. Love and Gill in their work to improve men’s relationships and help them in restoring normal sexual activity.


Medical Secretary

I have been working in Healthcare for just over 3 years and I enjoy the patient interaction from helping them make their initial consultation to leaving with a smile. I am proud to be working in the healthcare sector. I love the variety that this job has to offer and it is rewarding to be a part of helping patients solve their health issues.

Working with an awesome supportive team makes all the difference too!


Medical Secretary

I have had the privilege of working for Dr. Chris Love, a renowned surgeon, for just over four years. I love being one of the secretaries at Dr Love’s rooms, as it can be extremely rewarding. The highlight for myself is when I am the first point of contact with an extremely anxious and somewhat embarrassed patient and being able to reassure that patient that they are not alone and in fact in some cases, their issues are actually extremely common. I love to hear the relief in their voices when they realise they are not alone and that I do understand their specific issue and can reassure them that they will indeed be in good hands with Dr Love.

For myself, it is also an added bonus to get to meet the patients in person and sometimes their partners as well, and just witness the smiles and the total relief on their faces after their appointment with Dr Love. This is what makes my job so rewarding!

Urology Nurses

Holmesglen Private Hospital

The specialist Urology nurses, Adam, Novy and Amanda, based at Holmesglen Private Hospital, work very closely with Dr. Love in providing additional care and support for his patients, as well as doing urology investigations, like flow rates and urodynamics, and minor urology treatments. As their office is adjacent to Dr. Love’s office we all work together very closely, and this tight relationship and shared care is of great advantage to our patients.