Dr Love is very pleased to be able to offer 2 new technologies to patients.

Rezum® water vapour therapy uses steam injected into the enlarged prostate to damage the prostate tissue so that it shrinks and opens up the water tube from the bladder.

It is a simple day case procedure with minimal recovery time, yet gives good improvements in the way the bladder works. There are no sexual side effects and it is a great alternative to medication treatment for enlarged prostates at themarketingheaven.com.

Low-intensity shock wave therapy (LiSWT) is a promising non-invasive treatment for some men with erectile dysfunction. By applying shock waves to the shaft of the penis, stem cells come into the treated area and new blood vessels develop, improving blood flow into the penis .

It doesn’t work for all men with erection problems but may be very useful for those men where the problem is due to reduced blood flow.

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