Why Choose Dr Love?

Dr Christopher Love is one of Australia’s most experienced Urologists. He is also the foremost Penile Implant surgeon in Australia. 

Dr Love’s passion is helping men live a full and satisfying life. His focus is on your long-term outcomes and ensuring the process is as comfortable as possible.

Dr Love is regarded as an accomplished and innovative surgeon. He is approachable and personable, and your care is at the forefront of all he does – from your initial consultation through to surgery, your post-operative care and beyond.

Working together with a knowledgeable and collaborative team, including your own specialised penile prosthesis support nurse, Dr Love will ensure that you feel comfortable and reassured through all aspects of your care.

Dr Love believes in building an honest and transparent relationship with his patients and their families – taking the time to inform you about all aspects of your care, surgery, outcomes as well as our inclusive fees.

Dr Love's Experience

Dr Christopher Love is the foremost Erectile Dysfunction (ED) surgery specialist in Australia.

He is recognised worldwide as an expert in all forms of ED treatment.

Dr Love is the most experienced penile implant surgeon in Australia, and does large numbers of implants every year. His surgical techniques are innovative and of world standard, and we believe this surgery to be the “gold standard” when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, when other treatments are not suitable or don’t work.

Regarded as the leading national expert in the field of prosthetic surgery, Dr Love has over 35 years’ experience in men’s health. He is a mentor and educator to his peers and health professionals in Australia and internationally; and has published numerous papers. He also has strong ties to a network of elite leading international Specialists to ensure his approach and methods are innovative and the most up to date.

Dr Love is the most experienced surgeon in Australia in Peyronie’s disease. He has also developed his own world-class technique for Penile Implant Surgery and won the “Center of Excellence for Penile Implants” award from renowned Professor Steven Wilson.

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