Second Opinion Service

We understand that being unwell can be stressful, not only for yourself but also for those around you including family and friends.

Dr Love and staff recognize that and we’re here to help.

Dr Love does not just specialise in one particular disease, or a particular organ, of the urinary and genital systems, but has experience in a comprehensive array of urological problems.

We understand the need to sometimes seek more than one opinion, and should you wish to consult with Dr Love to confirm what you have been told elsewhere, or to seek a different explanation of your problem, we are more than happy to provide that service.

Equally should you wish another opinion after seeing Dr Love we can help facilitate that.

We also have an extensive network of medical and allied health staff to facilitate your care.

Deciding on the right treatment for you is not always easy. Dr Love aims to guide you through this journey with a plan that is individualised to your specific needs and situation, because we care about your health and wellbeing.

If you wish to make an appointment with Dr Love, you or your General Practitioner (GP) can call our office and our friendly staff will take care of the rest.