Prostatic Water Vapour Treatment

Dr Christopher Love specialises in treatment for Enlarged Prostate (BPH) including the use of Prostatic Water Vapour Treatment.

What is Prostatic Water Vapour Treatment?

Prostatic water vapour is used as a treatment for the urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

This treatment is one of the Minimally Invasive Surgical Therapies (MIST) offered by Dr Love. Minimally invasive techniques are beneficial as they minimise the risk of unwanted side effects such as sexual dysfunction compared to traditional treatments such as TURP.

The treatment uses the natural energy stored in water vapour (steam.) During each 9 second treatment, sterile water vapour is released within the targeted enlarged prostate tissue. When the steam turns back into water, within the prostate, all the stored energy is released, heating that area of the prostate and causing the surrounding prostate tissue to die.

Over time the body’s natural healing response removes the dead prostate tissue, therefore shrinking the prostate, so that the urethra will open and BPH symptoms will improve.

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Under a very light, short, general anaesthetic, the bladder, prostate and urethra (water tube) are inspected.

An assessment of the size and shape of the prostate determines how many 9 second treatments will need to be used to treat all of the enlarged prostate.

A specialised instrument allows a needle to be inserted into the enlarged prostate tissue, and steam is applied via this needle. Usually between 2 and 8 steam applications will be used, each taking 9 seconds, with the average being 4.5 application, so the total treatment time is short.

Because the prostate swells following the treatment, making urination difficult initially, a small catheter drainage tube is inserted into the bladder via the lower abdomen (not through the penis).

The patient goes home the same day, and the small tube is removed 1 week after the procedure.

There is now data showing significant improvement in urinary troubles, better than achieved by medication, durable out beyond 5 years. 

These results are what Dr. Love has also seen in his patients over the last 3 years, and the treatment is now his preferred approach for many men with enlarged prostates and urinary symptoms.

One of the great things about this minimally-invasive treatment, is the very small risk of any significant complications or side-effects.

Most patients get little or no side-effects.

It gives improvements in bladder symptoms caused by the enlarged prostate that are better than any medication and which can be, in many men, equivalent to the results of TURP. It is a same day in hospital procedure with no need to stay overnight, and a quick return to normal physical activities.

There should be no effect on sex drive (libido) from this procedure, and the risk of any reduction in erectile function is very low, <1% only.

Compared to prostate medications, and “re-bore” type procedures, such as TURP or GreenLight laser, which often cause sexual dysfunction, the risk of backward (retrograde) ejaculation is < 2%.

If the catheter tube is removed too soon, it may be difficult to pass urine, and it is possible another tube would need to be re-inserted.

Very occasionally, even after passing urine when the catheter is first removed, difficulties could develop after a day or two, again necessitating re-inserting a catheter.

It is normal to have a small amount of blood in the urine for a number of days, and some burning when passing urine for a week or so. There is usually blood in the semen for some time after the procedure.

Sometimes burning and stinging in the urine will persist for more than a week, even with no infection, and some other treatment for that may be required.

Despite the antibiotics, there is a very small chance, around 2-3%, of a urinary infection.

Dr Love also offers UroLift, another Minimally Invasive Surgical Therapy (MIST) for treating BPH. He also offers GreenLight Laser Treatment. 

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