Testosterone Deficiency/Replacement

Dr Christopher Love can advise on testosterone related problems including testing and counselling.

Testosterone Replacement is used to treat men with a testosterone deficiency. It involves topping-up your body with the hormone.

What is Testosterone?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a very important hormone in men, responsible not only for normal sex drive and sexual function, but also for energy levels, psychological well-being, muscle and bone strength, cognitive (brain) function, weight management and involved in cholesterol, lipid and blood sugar control.

Why is there controversy about testosterone replacement therapy?

Why is there controversy about testosterone replacement therapy?

The issues surrounding low testosterone and its prevalence, and whether it is actually causing problems for the patient, and the confusion and safety concerns about testosterone replacement therapy, have made testosterone replacement a controversial topic in recent years.

Doesn’t testosterone just get lower as we age anyway?

Doesn’t testosterone just get lower as we age anyway?

Testosterone does decline with age, but there is no dramatic decline like a female menopause. At any age however, about 10% of men will have a testosterone level significantly lower than it should be at that age, and many of these will have symptoms or health issues where Testosterone Replacement is beneficial.

Testosterone Replacement

There are many reasons why Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be beneficial, but it is not applicable to everyone.

The decision to undertake TRT should be based on careful discussion about each individual’s circumstances, symptoms and the effect on their life.

Appropriate testing and counseling are important, as are decisions on the prescribing and monitoring of the various forms of testosterone replacement.

Urologists, like Dr. Love, with an interest in Men’s Health, can advise on testosterone related problems.

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