Dr Christopher Love

Meet Dr Christopher Love


Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeon

  • Dr Christopher has developed his own technique for Penile Implant Surgery, the Minimally-Invasive No-Touch (MINT) procedure.
  • Dr Christopher is also the most experienced Australian surgeon in Peyronie's disease.
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  • Men’s Health Advice

    Men’s Health Advice

    Start walking ! Just 30 minutes of walking a day has been linked to a 41 % drop in risk of ED.

  • Men’s Health Advice

    Men’s Health Advice

    Smoking may damage the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis. Smokers have almost twice the risk of ED compared with non-smokers Stop smoking if you want to save your erection!!

  • Men’s Health Advice

    Men’s Health Advice

    If your stomach is starting to obstruct the view of your manhood you shouldn't ignore it. Not only can it knock years off your lifespan but it could also put you at serious risk from life threatening illness.

Dr Love is a Member of

  • Monashhealth
  • Cabrini
  • urological society
  • american urological association
  • SMS
  • issm
  • siu
  • eau

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